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Karissa Richardson

Karissa Richardson

Although all legal matters have complications which make finding resolution difficult, the area of family law can often also involve emotions and memories which make moving forward that much harder. Working through Family Law concerns can be an extremely stressful and trying time, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

I am attorney Karissa Richardson. From my law office in West St. Paul, I provide legal services in the Family Law realm, covering: divorces, custody, parenting time, paternity, child support, third party custody and contempt cases. I also represent parents in Juvenile Court matters involving Child in Need of Protection/Services (CHIPS). My goal is to help clients and their families reach the amicable solutions which suit the situation and those involved best.

Our Practice Areas

Family Law

We handle family law cases, such as divorces, custody/parenting time, paternity, child support and third-party custody.

Contempt Motions

We work with responding parties in contempt motions for violations of court orders.


We also work with the Juvenile Court in matter of CHIPS, such as terminations of parental rights and transfers of custody.


Cases Won

Years or Experience

From Our Clients

“Empathetic, knowledgeable and professional. Karissa is a great communicator. From our first meeting with her, both my wife and I felt comfortable with her. She told us what to expect, and how she was going to proceed with our case. She has kept us in loop throughout the entire process. I am very proud to have her as our attorney.

~Kyle Sampleton

“Excellent attorney, trustworthy, understanding, honest and a hard worker on your behalf. I couldn’t have wished for a better rep in my difficult divorce case.”

~Sarah McCoy

“Karissa has been my lawyer for over 2 years. I have found her to be very personal, someone you can talk to at any time . She is well versed in her field and keeps current with all the changing laws. She has helped me many times when I felt lost and takes his time to explain things to put you at ease.

~Haley Aigner

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